A three-month program for experienced Core creators to take their games to the next level with hands-on training, a custom influencer marketing campaign, and a $25,000 grant.

Applications are open
Program dates: June 11 - Sep 10

The Core Accelerator is our flagship program to help elite Core creators achieve success. The goal is that by the end of the summer, not only will you have a deep game delighting masses of players, you will also have an established studio that is set to build for years to come.

Your team gets a $25,000 grant to focus on your game. For three months, you'll get hands-on training and feedback for design, monetization, marketing, engineering, and more. You'll have insight into Core's roadmap and the opportunity to provide feedback on upcoming features, in particular changes that can help you achieve your vision. The Accelerator is for established Core creators with a proven prototype, clear vision, and a team that has worked together and is ready to go.

Applications are open May 13-31, and the program begins on June 11. Apply below!


Your team gets $25,000 USD to focus on developing in Core for three months. Teams can decide their team size and how to divide the grant. There are no earnouts or requirements after the program ends - it's yours!

$25,000 Influencer Campaign

When you finish the Accelerator, Manticore will send new players to your game with a $25,000 influencer campaign. We'll manage the details and work with you on finding the right streamers and YouTubers.

Top Level Support and Training from Manticore

We'll work directly with you to make your vision happen. Over the course of three months we'll work with you on your games roadmap, design, and business. You'll also have insight into Core's upcoming features and the opportunity to provide feedback.

This includes training in the following areas:

Project Management

  • Team coordination

  • Goal tracking

  • Feature costing


  • Performance

  • Code review

  • Training by Manticore programmers


  • New user experience

  • Retention features

  • Late game design


  • Community growth

  • Social media hype

  • Influencer marketing


  • Designing perks

  • Implementation

  • Feedback and data


Who Should Apply?

The Core Accelerator is for experienced, accomplished, expert Core teams who are ready to take their games to the next level.

  • You must have at least two members on the team; there's no cap on maximum team size

  • Most or all of your team must be available 10am-1pm PST, Monday through Friday

  • You must have already published at least one game on Core

Which countries does the Accelerator support?

You can participate from anywhere in the world, though please note that sessions and support will be in English. Most or all of your team must be available 10am-1pm PST for the first week for orientation. After that, at least one member of your team needs to be available 10am-1pm for sessions with Manticore, milestone check ins, and playtests.

The Accelerator is entirely virtual.

What are the participation requirements?

Teams are required to spend at least 80 hours per week developing their game on Core. This can be spread across any number of team members. There is no hours cap, of course. Make your game great!

What types of games is the Accelerator for?

We're looking for games that can grow to become huge successes for their creators, growing Core along with them. A big part of the program is helping you build your roadmap, add depth to your core loop, and add late game content. We're looking for deeply engaging experiences that players love and keep returning to. Your game must be multiplayer. If you can't stop thinking about your idea, that's a great start.

How does the $25,000 grant work?

Teams will be asked to meet monthly milestones to showcase the progress they're making. These milestones will be clearly determined in partnership with the team. If a team fails to meet a milestone, they may lose their spot in the Accelerator and any remaining tranches.

The grant will be provided in three monthly tranches, paid at the start of each month provided the previous month's milestone has been successfully submitted. Each team will provide Manticore with allocations in advance, and we will distribute them to individuals.

Are there additional Terms and Conditions?

You can read the full Terms and Conditions here.


Program Dates

June 11 - Sep 10

Application Dates

  • May 13: Applications Open

  • May 25: First Selections Announced

  • May 31: Applications Close

  • June 4: Final Selections Announced

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Whether you're an experienced developer or a new creator, Core is the easiest way to build, host, and run multiplayer games and worlds.

The Accelerator is for experienced Core devs, but we also host monthly game jams with cash prizes, bootcamps for new creators, and a large Invitational Jam for rising stars.

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Applications are due May 31, 11:59pm PST. Only one application is needed per team!

Core Accelerator Terms and Conditions

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